New Home, New League, Same Goal

New Home, New League, Same Goal

For most, the offseason is a peaceful time used to recoup, recover, and relax, but the Phoenix had work to do. Making the move to Flemington Ice Arena, formerly Aspen Ice at Flemington, sparked the fire and set the team into a revival. Shortly after finishing the move, the Phoenix were voted into Division 1 of the UWHL (United Women’s Hockey League) and were also given the opportunity to customize their own locker room in Flemington.

Halfway through the summer, it was time to hold the 2nd annual Phoenix Invitational Tournament. It was twice as big and just as successful as last year’s, it helped introduce and solidify their new home in Flemington. After many long hours of painting, drilling, and renovating, the work was complete.

Tonight, at 7:45PM, the North Jersey Phoenix will be reborn again as they kick off the 2016-17 season right away with the home opener.

Stay tuned for a very exciting and much anticipated season!