War Between The Skates

A few months ago the DVCHC started up a competition for donations and we wanted to win..and guess what..WE DID! You all helped North Jersey Phoenix capture the map!

“For 35 days this friendly fan feud will allow the women’s hockey faithful (you) to directly support players, be counted as fans & help capture states! Besides the fun stuff, the money raised in this non-profit, online conflict is essential for teams who fundraise all year to offer women the chance to play the game. No time for whistlin’ Dixie, rally ’round your rink and let our student athletes know that reinforcements are on the way!”

197 fans donated to 9 teams in this year’s WAR. Each gave at least $10, some gave much, much more. No matter your contribution, no matter the team you chose to support, no matter your location (way to GO New Jersey!), the $8,535 you helped raise has made a measurable difference to your team & this season. On behalf of our 225+ student athletes, your support means more than you can know.

 CONGRATZ TO THIS WAR WINNER, THE NORTH JERSEY PHOENIX with a clean sweep of all 3 categories!!!