Acceptance into the DVCHC

To All Members of the North Jersey Phoenix, College Hockey Team:

On behalf of our 250+ female athletes, 14 universities and fans and families around the globe, we would like to be the first to welcome the North Jersey Phoenix into the DVCHC.
By unanimous vote, our team representatives approved the proposal by Lauren Solski and granted the Phoenix a trial membership in our 12 season, 2013-2014. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

We agree that your team is in a unique position to afford college students in North Jersey the chance to develop skills, foster teamwork and sharpen confidence on the ice; students that would otherwise not have a team to play for. We applaud these efforts and look forward to welcoming the dedication and sportsmanship that will undoubtedly accompany your program.

As full members in our non-profit, your group will be entitled to all the rights and privileges that dues-paying teams enjoy. These include, but are not limited to:

* Full participation in the 2014 DVCHC Women’s All-Star game, held on professional ice
* A full season of regular season games vs all conference opponents in our D2
* Help scheduling additional games, as requested* An equal opportunity to make the 2014 DVCHC Women’s Championship
* A webpage for your team which includes live scoring, stats, standings, schedule and more
* Weekly space on the web for photographs / news stories from your games* Equal say / equal representation in the league and its committees* Support through our league-wide fundraising, recruiting and promotions
* Consideration for yearly player and team awards, plus web spotlights for your athletes

The unique partnership that our DVCHC teams share goes beyond geography, or wins and losses. Together, our student-run squads work to shape each season, plan major events, give back to our communities, coordinate fundraising, and more.
We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the North Jersey Phoenix to this hockey family. Until then, we remain,

Sincerely Yours,
Bryan Benenati
President – DVCHC Women’s Hockey
“Let Nothing Stand Between a Woman and Her GOALS”